Lisa Rouff, Ph.D., License Clinical Psychologist
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Dealing with infertility is stressful.

Studies show that individuals struggling with infertility are likely to suffer from symptoms of depression and anxiety. Many individuals experiencing infertility rank it as the most upsetting and stressful event in their lives thus far.

In addition, individuals and couples undergoing infertility treatment must make many difficult decisions, such as selecting the best doctor and clinic, and choosing the next level of type of treatment. If treatment is not successful, increasingly complex decisions must be faced about the use of third party reproduction, adoption, or a living a child-free lifestyle.

Infertility counseling can help.

Individuals and couples experiencing infertility can benefit from counseling by:

• Having a supportive place to explore their feelings, issues, and concerns

• Learning new coping skills

• Reducing their symptoms of depression and anxiety

• Clarifying their feelings and values in order to make treatment and lifestyle decisions

• Understanding and managing the impact infertility can have on their relationships

• Providing support and understanding for the stresses involved in achieving a pregnancy after infertility, such as increased anxiety during pregnancy, miscarriage, and decisions around fetal reduction

• Preparing for parenthood, including issues of disclosure of gamete donation, adoption, and surrogacy

Finding a therapist who understands both the medical and emotional demands of infertility is vital to treatment success.

In addition to her clinical expertise helping clients to cope with infertility, Dr. Rouff has had personal experience with infertility and adoption. She is also a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and a professional member of Resolve, an infertility support organization.